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Fife Creek Cowhorn Okra Seed

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Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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The origin story of this particular variety begins in Mississippi with a farm that belonged to the Fife family. Around 1900, a woman from the Creek tribe of Native Americans was said to have visited the farm and given them the seeds for the long-thin okra. The Creek were a nomadic tribe that lived in and around Georgia, Alabama, and Florida before the Europeans first came to the New World. Today, there are two primary Creek tribes, one in Alabama and one in Oklahoma. Though the variety came to the Fife farm via a woman of the Creek tribe, it isn’t clear whether the variety originated with the tribe. Sustainably produced vegan/organic grown, heirloom/O-P, zero pesticides/herbicides seed. Free seeds (my choice) with each seed packet ordered. Please add $3.00 for shipping/postage per order. Thank You for your interest. (50+ seeds) SAVE & SHARE SEEDS!

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Looking for: any of these okra varieties: 1. Bowling Red okra 2. Chipper okra 3. Shows okra 4. James Hooper okra 5. Stewarts Zeebest okra 6. White Velvet okra 7. Jing Orange okra