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Texas Tarragon

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Texas Tarragon seeds collected from my own plant. That plant was gifted to me about 3 years ago by a friend in Houston, TX, who received the parent plant from another friend. My tarragon is strong and has had few pests, splitting into three full sized plants, plus other clones and cuttings I’ve gifted to friends.

Drought tolerant and cold tolerant (at least as cold as we get in southern Texas). The plant will die back in the winter and regrow from the crown in Spring. Bright yellow flowers are edible and attractive to pollinators. Leaves have classic tarragon taste with an added anise flavor and scent.

You’ll get about 100 seeds.

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Looking for: Offer me anything, but asparagus seeds, Mexican Plum, and Common Myrtle (Myrtus communis) are at the top of my wish list.