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Vinegar Mother

Sold by melody-goretti

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Magnolia, TX, USA

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Not Gluten Free!

I’ve made 2 batches of beer vinegar, and have a massive, gorgeous mother to share and trade. You’ll receive several ounces of mother in a small, reused glass jar.

Please be aware, this mother is probably contaminated with traces of wheat, since it came from wheat-based beer vinegar. If you have celiac’s disease or are preparing vinegar for someone with celiac’s (or similar gluten intolerance) I cannot in good conscience trade this with you. I do not know how much gluten is in this or if it will contaminate a new batch of vinegar with gluten, but if you or your family has a severe intolerance, I highly recommend making your own mother or sourcing one somewhere else- simply from an abundance of caution. If you don’t care about gluten or are looking to make beer vinegar anyway, this is the mother for you.

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Open for trade

Looking for: Offer me anything, but asparagus seeds, Mexican Plum, and Common Myrtle (Myrtus communis) are at the top of my wish list.